Tips on Watches

Watches were first made to know the time of the day. Mr. Henlein received 15 florins for a gilt musk apple with a watch. It was the first in the history of watches in 1524. After the 1600s the manufacturers used precious metals in the production of watches. They used colored enamels in the decoration of covers of watches and cases. In 1620 the glass crystal was used in the cases around the watch. The Germans used the Roman words on the outer chapter markers of the dial and in the inner chapter of the dial marked 13-24. In 1675 Charles II of England produced waistcoat and this become a fashion to wear coat with watch in the pocket. In England the lever watches were introduced and designed from a straight sided to curved side in 1850.

Swiss started designing the particular cylinder and lever watches for the Americans in 1880. England and Switzerland exported the steel parts of watches to the countries of Turkey and China. Mr. Guillaume produced mono metallic balance of invar controlled watches on middle temperature of spring. In 1945 high quality complicated wrist and pocket watches with date work, alarm work and moon work. In 1970 electronic watches are made that were very successful watches than mechanical watches.
The most popular companies of watches are making and selling their watches in the international market. The manufacturer companies of watches are making watches by steel dial and leather wrist belt. The most famous watches of the world are Swiss, Casio, Seiko, Citizen and Briar Haven’s watches. The most watches of modern invention have durable features with comfortable and smooth leather strap and have crystal, steel, rubber case diameter.

There are many popular companies of watch manufactures producing electronic watches, manual watches, digital watches, stop watches and others for knowing the date and time. The watches are available in markets in all sizes of men, women and kids. Most companies of watches are making waterproof and discounted watches of all famous companies. So the watches are accurate. The replica watches are available in the markets and are very beautiful in look and anybody can purchase from the world wide market at discount rates. The famous watch companies give the guarantee of one year on original watches. The watches of new millennium are created according to the style of modern age.

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