Tourbillion wrist Jacob Watches

Jacob Watches

A Russian young boy named Jacob Arabo is the creator of Jacob Watches. He had usual interest in designs. To develop his talents, he in progress presence classes of jewelry scheming course at the age of 16. In New York, he soon started making his own sole pieces in some diamond corporation. He open his own company name JACOB & Co. in 1986. He started business and he intended products beneath his own brand. He introduce new fashions and design in jewelry market. His work was very much valued by almost all the jewelry companies.

Jacob Watches
Jacob Watches

Jacob determined to produce watches of his own style. He launch his first compilation of watches with The Five Time Zone compilation. In this compilation, he introduce new designs for both men and women. This compilation attracted the notice of both men and women, and soon his fame greater than before by leaps and bounds. He then introduce automatic chronograph in his watches. His most watches are lavishness watches. His original products soon lead his business to get bigger fast and internationally.
Jacob Watches have artificial a large number of watches in strange designs. Some of Jacob’s main watches comprise;

Tourbillion wrist watches for men and women

Tourbillion is one the most good-looking watches of Jacob. It include Rainbow Tourbillion and Diamond Tourbillion. Tourbillion is one of lavishness watches of Jacob Watches. Tourbillion dress wrist watches are obtainable for both men and women.

Rainbow Tourbillion dress wrist watches

It has tourbillion group with 18 jewels. Its dial is 30mm in diameter. It has power reserve of 5 days. It is water opposed to to 30 meters. Case is 47.5mm in diameter with azure crystal. It is available in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. It has crocodile strap with failure clasp. This particular wrist watch is extremely light weight to wear on wrist. It seem that the wrist is unfilled and no watch is damaged on it.

Diamond Tourbillion wrist watches

It has automatic manual winding with tourbillion device. It has 72 hours power set aside. Its movement contain 25 jewels. Case is made of platinum with azure crystal. Its case and dial are fully paved with diamonds of 15.8 ct. weight. It also display calendar. The inner and external dial of the wrist watch is completely proof from any damaging liquid.

Capri dress wrist Watches

Capri watch has a very good-looking look. Capri is a Three Time Zone watch. Capri include C-19DC and C-20DC. Beautiful diamonds have been used in Capri Watch creation. This corporation also produces this Capri clothing wrist watches for men and also for women. Men and women, both buy this wrist watch to be dressed in it with their dress color combination.

C-19DC Jacob dress wrist watches

Its case is made of stainless steel with pave diamonds and azure crystal. It has light blue dial with yellow, red and blue timers. It has Swiss group and three timer chronograph. It displays date at 6 o’clock. It is water proof. It has stainless steel wristlet.

C-20DC dress wrist watches

It has a very good-looking watch in a very sole design. It has Swiss automatic movement. Its case is made of stainless steel fully cemented with diamonds of 4.78 ct. weight. Its dial is .78 ct paved with diamonds and MOP time zones. It has three chronograph timers and it display date at 6 o’clock. It is water opposed to. It contain stainless steel wristlet.

Jacob & Co. Single Diamond Bezel wrist watches

Another magnificent and good looking dress wrist watch is rhombus bezel. The skin strap and the dial, both are in black color. There are some triangles and blocks are complete to increase the beauty. The outer touching dial is in brown color. The additional feature wrist watches have five small scrolls in the region of the dial. All the scroll perform different functions.

Jacob & Co. 3 Roll Bezel wrist watches

This wrist watch’s internal dial is in yellow color. The strap of the wrist watch is made of tough and long lasting black color leather. Extra characteristic wrist watches also have four little scroll around the dial for the change of dissimilar functions. The quality wrist watch is totally water resist.

Jacob & Co. Square Bezel dress wrist watches

The specialty of this wrist watch is that it is made from five dissimilar colors. The main purple color is tinted in the inner dial and around this yellow, red, green and off white colors are painted. The multi color wrist watch can be worn with some dress color since lots of colors are there in one wrist watch. The shape of the wrist watch is little four-sided figure and little round. The strap is also of two colors. Black color and little purple color on the strap improve its loveliness. The excellence product not only shows time but it also display date.

Other Jacob & Co. dress wrist Watches

Another good-looking and good looking dress wrist watch is Jacob’s other wrist watch. This good-looking dress wrist watch has four internal little dials. Somewhere in the call is black color and somewhere grey color is tinted. The outer dial of the wrist watch is completely in grey color. Two scroll are entrenched on the dial of the wrist watch. Black color skin strap is attached with the good-looking dial.

Jacob had a original mind since his childhood. His hard to believe thinking led his corporation to great achievement. Jacob’s Jewelry and watches has a sole name in jewelry and watch industries. The company produces watches for both men and women in complicated designs with new fashions which are with no trouble obtainable anywhere in the market. Jacob’s company not only deals with lavishness product but they also create ordinary and low rate wrist watches. Every one can with no trouble purchase the Jacob’s wrist watch and can show off him or herself. Different colors in the wrist watches are another core capability of the Company. The entire wrist watches which the Jacob’s Company shaped, is totally water resist. Simply the Jacob wrist watches are best in the direction of use.a

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