Orient Watches

In 1901, Orient Watch Company was found by Shogoro Yoshida in Tokyo Japan. At that time, Seiko and inhabitant were at the pinnacle in making watch. So Orient Watch had some rivalry in the watch manufacturing. When familiarize Watch came to watch companies, it was rank figure three because Seiko and Citizen were big names in the watch manufacturing. The best fact in familiarize Watch manufacturing was that it always remain listening carefully on making its actions better and more dependable. In July 13th, 1950 in Tokyo, the corporation became famous and was formally in commerce. In 1985, Orient connected Seiko and recognized a joint factory. The company become more popular and their crop were documented all over the world.

Orient Watches
Orient Watches

Orient Automatic Watches

This group of watches is particularly for men. These have routine self-winding group. Their case is made of titanium. This category consists of 21 bearing accuracy jewels. All of them show date of month. These are scrape proof and shock evidence. Some of these are irrigate opposed to at 100 meters. Some of them are obtainable in leather strap. This group has a elegant look and is very good-looking.

Orient Ladies Watches

This group is particularly made for women as the name indicate. Most of watches in this group are routine and scratch proof. These have 25-30mm width and are water opposed to from 30-100 meters. Orient Ladies have stainless steel case and bangle. Some of these consist of 21 manner precision jewels.

Orient Star Watches

This group has also routine movement. These are scrape, shock and water opposed to. All of them show date. These are in stainless steel case and bangle, available in a diversity of colors. familiarize Star group is very good-looking and these watches are obtainable in appropriate prices.

Orient diver Watches

This type is very good-looking and charming. As the names indicate, these are particularly water opposed to to depth of 200 meters. These are obtainable in skin strap, as well as in stainless steel bangle. These are also routine in movement. These have glowing hands and markings. These are obtainable in dissimilar style and colors.

Orient Automatic Watches

Orient routine Watches are very paying attention and ever permanent watches of the world. These products of Orient routine Watches are very well-known and estimable products. Orient Automatic Watches are made by real machinery and with high skill techniques. the show of day is located at 9 o’clock and date place is at 3 o’clock. Orient routine Watches has quick set key at 2 o’clock. Orient routine Watches have rotating bezel at internal side operated via circlet at 4 o’clock. familiarize Automatic Watches have all Seiko actions in all Orient Watches. Orient routine Watches have three shove buttons for the location of date, time and day. bangle of Orient routine Watches is made of real stainless steel.

Orient 3 Star Blue Watches

Orient 3 Star Blue Watches are extremely lovely and good-looking watches for unisex usage. All the sample of familiarize 3 Star Blue Watches are real and authentic trademark of the makers. Orient 3 Star Blue Watches have gemstone material of raw materials. The weight of Orient 3 Star Blue watch is 90 grams each. All the familiarize 3 Star Blue Watches are water resistant of 50 meters. Orient 3 Star Blue Watches are less luxurious and most particular products for both ladies and gents. Orient 3 Star Blue Watches have fair-haired color hands and marker on the internal side of the watch. Date and day show is also obtainable on the place of 3 o’clock. higher dial of Orient 3 Star Blue Watches is complete of pure stainless steel and bangle is also made of steel. These are unbelievable model of Orient 3 Star Blue wrist watches.

Orient World Time Watch

The model of familiarize World Time Watch is CEY02007K0. It is extremely nice and good looking watch for gents. Orient World Time Watch has automatic oriental movement. Orient World Time Watch display seconds, sub seconds, minuets, hours and date too. It has baton date and second time zone also. Orient World Time Watch has very pleasant power set aside ability also. Case of this good-looking watch is made of gray PVD stainless steel with display rear Bracelet of this delightful and well decent watch is also made of PVD stainless steel. It has a ability of water opposed to at 100 meters or 330 feet.

Orient SK Crystal Watch

Orient SK Crystal Watch is very easy and good-looking model for men. The group of Orient SK Crystal Watch is routine and orient. Orient SK Crystal Watch has 21 jewels and has display of date, day, second, minuets and hours. It has very attractive dial of two colors, red and black. Orient SK Crystal Watch has fair-haired color hands of minuets and spot markers. Date and day are sharp on the place of 3 o’clock. Orient SK Crystal Watch has width of 40mm and too have pleasant stainless steel case. Orient SK Crystal Watch is water opposed to at 30 meters or 100 feet.

Orient Multi-Calendar Watches

Orient Multi-Calendar Watches are obtainable in the marketplace at many more than a few colors and style. Anybody in the world can see multi-calendar of months and day of the week. The bangle of Orient Multi-Calendar Watches is made of skin and some are complete of stainless steel. Orient Multi-Calendar Watches are intended in multi colors and size for both men and women.

Orient Watches are recognized all in excess of the world. Orient watches are obtainable in the market with no trouble for men and women in many diverse colors, charming designs and at sensible prices. Today Orient produce a wide range of watches in delightful designs and styles including mechanical, automatic, light motorized and quartz. Orient Watch Company is the first name in business particularly in automatic watches.

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