Nike Watches

Nike was found by the Phil Knight in 1971. Jeff Johnson optional the Company name Nike. Nike footwear dispersed first time in the group of actors of the Us Olympic in 1972. In 1972, Nike tennis shoes were second-hand for the original time by the Romanian tennis player Llie Nastase. In 1989, Nike long-drawn-out its crop to the European foot ball market and started to produce the athlete high presentation fabrics, eye wear and watches as well. In 2004, Phil Knight was replacing by William D. Perez.

Nike Watches
Nike Watches

Nike produce watches for the athletes to check and improve their performance. Nike Produces watches in dissimilar nice-looking and charming style with contemporary technology. Nike watches are obtainable for both men and women athletes. Nike design watches for the sprinter to improve their presentation. These watches have the functionality of the 300-lap chronograph and aim time. Nike produce watches in digital and chronograph display.

Nike Triax watch Series

Nike produce watches in dissimilar good-looking style and in many colors. Nike Triax watches have polyurethane band in different and beautiful colors and stainless steel clasp. These watches have the digital time and date show and two alarms as healthy. It has water confrontation to 50 meters.

Nike Mettle Super Series

Nike produce the Mettle Avil Super in dissimilar style and colors for the young age group. Theses watches have the water confrontation to 100 meters. Nike Mettle sequence have the chronograph cross out button to change the time and digital show. It has the stainless steel back and polyurethane strap. These watches are intended to monitor presentation of the athletes.

Nike Oregon Series

Nike created Oregon watches in digital and analogue show. Nike produces these sequence watches for gents. These watches have the dissimilar dial colors and have the scrape resistance. Nike Oregon watches sequence have the water confrontation to 100 meters and solid aluminum case.

Nike Ascent Watches

Nike Ascent Watches are sports teaching watches for the practice of both men and women. Every type of sex can use this astonishing sport watch. Nike climb Watches have 2 time zones in it. Nike Ascent Watches have hotness sensor, data remember and weather show mode also. The quartz group of Nike Ascent Watches are digital. Nike Ascent Watches provide the aptitude of calendar and have 4 dissimilar alarms. It has very attractive and nice one-touch backlight. Shield of Nike climb Watches is made of aluminum. Nike climb Watches are included on the case breadth of 4.5cm. Nike climb Watches are water opposed to at 100 meters or 330 feet. Nike climb Watches have black strap and stainless steel clasp. The case of Nike Ascent Watches is complete of steel and contain high excellence digital dial.

Nike Cayman Watches

Nike Cayman Watches are 100% genuine and genuine watches. Nike Cayman Watches are intended for unisex practice. The case of these stylish watches has 3.4 cm width. Nike Cayman Watches have rotate in container back. The hand of Nike Cayman Watches have silver tone. Nike Cayman Watches have band of smoke gray color polymer. It has grey and white color concentric design call and rotating bezel of steel. Nike Cayman Watches have markers of neon green dots and unbelievable outside layer of grey polymer color. Height of face is of 2.2cm. Nike Cayman Watches have crease over shove button clasp. These watches are very well-known in both adults and children. Nike Cayman Watches are obtainable in the market at up to 15% reduction. Rate of reduction is different on different sample of Nike Cayman Watches.

Nike Cuff Watches

Nike Cuff Watches have digital dial and digital quartz group The company of Nike hit Watches by Phil Knight intended it in many colors and size Nike Cuff Watches have a lot of features likes as it display date and time.

Nike Cuff Watches
Nike Cuff Watches

Nike Cuff Watches are obtainable in the market in three negotiable manacles in black, blue, white and so many good-looking colors. These are athletic watches set of thread cotton in three colors. The strips of Nike Cuff Watches are made of solid regal blue and red colors. Nike Cuff Watches have black acrylic case. Nike Cuff Watches are more often than not complete for the practice of both men and women athletes. Nike Cuff Watches are also have capability of water opposed to.

Nike Heart Rate Monitor Watches

Nike Heart Rate Monitor Watches are present for sale in the marketplace in many dissimilar styles and skin. Nike Heart Rate Monitor Watches are made intended for men. Nike spirit Rate Monitor Watches are digital quartz group watches for the usage of men. Nike spirit Rate Monitor Watches display date, lap time, spill time, seconds and day also. Nike Heart Rate Monitor Watches have digital transmission and backlights. These have high excellence 2 alarms. Nike Heart Rate Check Watches are included on upper body strap and CD-Rom too. The back of these watch is made of stainless steel. Nike Heart Speed Monitor Watches have ability of water opposed to at 165 feet.

Nike Imara HRM Watch

Nike Imara HRM Watch is a make new adding for ladies. The display of Nike Imara HRM Watch is digital. Nike Imara HRM Watch has date, time, day, minuets, seconds and hours flaunt also. Back case of Nike Imara HRM Watch is intended by pure stainless steel. Nike Imara HRM Watch has selector buttons of stainless steel. Nike Imara HRM Watch has countdown timer and also has an astonishing alarm purpose. The color of group of Nike Imara HRM Watch is black polyurethane. clasp of Nike Imara HRM Watch is too shaped by stainless steel. All the crop of Nike Imara HRM Watches is real and unique brand of the manufacturer.

Nike watches are obtainable in marketplace in reasonably priced price. Nike watches are particularly designed for the athlete to monitor their presentation. Nike produce watches from color full artificial and stainless steel. Now Nike provide the wide range of fashionable and colorful watches for men and women and for brood also. Nike provide the multi-functional watches for each age athletes and other populace.

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