Hamilton Watches: Fashion and Function

Looking to buy a new watch? You’ll want to make sure it checks the “two F’s” off the list: fashion and function. When it comes to purchasing a timepiece, the two go hand in hand. You don’t want a watch that’s purely fashionable, because you do need to be able to tell time – but you also don’t want a watch that’s purely functional, because let’s face it, there’s nothing cute about an obnoxious, ugly, clunky watch weighing down the rest of your outfit. How do you find the watch that perfectly toes the line between form and function? Enter Hamilton Watches, where fashion and function come together to create beautiful timepieces you’ll love to wear. Known as the “American brand since 1892”, Hamilton has long been creating chic, stylish timepieces for both men and women. The story begins over 100 years ago, with the birth of the Hamilton Watch Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. There, the company’s first series of pocket watches, the Broadway Limited series, quickly became known as the Watch of Railroad Accuracy.

Hamilton Watches
Hamilton Watches

By 1914, the brand had taken off, and was supplying watches to the US Armed Forces. In the 1930s, the brand became known as the official watch of many airlines, and halted production of consumer watches during World War II in order to provide US army forces with a total of one million watches throughout the war effort.

It’s clear that the brand has a uniquely American story – they’ve long been supplying watches to pilots, soldiers, and consumers alike, and have continued to innovate along the way. In the late fifties, the brand introduced the world’s first battery-powered watch, which they christened the Ventura. It quickly sold out across the globe, and was worn by superstar Elvis Presley in his film Blue Hawaii. These days, the brand is still going strong, combining their American roots of Lancaster with the latest innovations in Swiss movements and technology. The company churns out watch after watch, for both men and women – showcasing designs that are timeless, classic, and at once totally modern. Meanwhile, the relatively affordable price tag on the watches make them attainable for the average Joe, while offering the prestige and excitement that comes with saving up for an investment piece.

Looking to find a great watch for your man? Hamilton Watches, a uniquely American brand, offer a bevy of choices for your guy. A general favorite is the Hamilton Men’s Thinomatic Swiss Automatic Black Dial Leather Strap Watch, which packs a powerful punch of style thanks to a marbled leather strap and black and silver-toned face. A round, stainless steel case and back encase a deep, shiny black dial upon which luminescent silver-tone Arabic numerals can be found, alongside hour markers. Meanwhile, a date window can be found at 3:00. This watch, powered by Swiss Automatic movement, is a great everyday piece. It’s perfect for the office with a button down and khakis, but won’t look overly casual with a three-piece suit. Wear it once, wear it twice, wear it every day – this Hamilton timepiece perfectly marries form and function.

Another great everyday option is the Hamilton Men’s Timeless Classic Swiss Automatic Black Dial Leather Strap Watch. This timeless timepiece is simple but chic, and is a great option for a day on the golf course or a family vacation with the wife and kids. You’ll find a stainless steel case and back with a simple but stylish leather strap that emphasizes the “function” over the “form.” Inside the black face of the watch, silver-tone hour and minute hands are illuminated, and operate via Swiss Automatic movement, making this an easy watch to take care of.

Looking for something a bit more flashy? The Hamilton Men’s Khaki Navy Below Zero Divers Swiss Automatic Brown Leather Strap Watch is a statement making piece that emphasizes both fashion and function equally. Powerful and strong, this hefty watch features a round rose gold-tone stainless steel case and back with a diving mask. A brown VD coated unidirectional rotating bezel features luminescent markers while a screw down crown puts the minutes at your fingertips. Stay in control and on time, and look totally chic while doing it – with this amazing watch from Hamilton. Rose gold is often seen as a women’s metal, but it’s actually a great option for men as well, especially when paired with a masculine deep brown shade. Think cigar smoke scented libraries laden with old books, and a good bottle of whiskey – that’s the kind of life this watch evokes. Want to live it for yourself? You’ll have to purchase the Below Zero Divers Watch, but rest assured, you won’t regret your purchase. This is a watch that won’t just stand the test of time, but will help you appear stylish, powerful, and in the know every time you wear it.

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