Breitling Watches

Breitling was found by the Gastron Breitling. In 1915, Breitling introduce the first wrist watch for the pilots. Breitling produced the extra functions watches for the exact purposes. Breitling produced the chronograph wrist watch. Breitling become the official timer of the regal Air Force. Breitling shaped the watches for the fleet forces also. Breitling produces watches for the pilots. Breitling watches are intended to meet the exact supplies of the Aviation section. Breitling watches have the additional function which varied it from other watches like fly back functions, Split second, Moon stage etc. Breitling watches are complete in Switzerland. For armed users, Breitling also introduce the Breitling crisis Watch that has the radio spreader. Breitling watches be familiar with in the armed forces due to its functionality, time accuracy, and complicated design. Breitling has a wide variety of classy and good-looking watches.

Breitling Watches
Breitling Watches

Breitling Windrider Chrono Cockpit:
Breitling produces the wind rider chrono ring watches for the men in dissimilar complicated style and design. These watches have the routine movement, chronograph functionality, and date, and Scratch resistance azure, water confrontation to 330 feet. These watches are available in dissimilar and good-looking leather straps and stainless steel wristlet and in stainless steel case of dissimilar size and design also.

Navitimer Cosmonaute Watches:

Breitling produces Navitimer Cosmonaute watches for the carrying weapons forces. These watches have the functionality of the self-zigzag, stainless steel case and the classy wristlet design in dissimilar colors, 42 minutes set aside power, dissimilar dial colors and the water confrontation. Cosmonaute watches are obtainable in the at ease leather straps.

Breitling Professional Aerospace:

Breitling produces Aerospace watches for the men and women in dissimilar style and fascinating colors. These watches are design to meet the supplies of the pilots. These watches have chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, titanium case, dissimilar dial color, and stainless steel wristlet in different colors, and water confrontation.

Breitling Aerometer Super Avenger Watches:

Breitling creates Aerometer watches in dissimilar style and case plan in many delightful colors. These watches have the personality winding; 40 minutes reserve authority dissimilar dial colors, and water resistance. These watches are obtainable in stainless steel case and in colorful at ease leather band.

Breitling Navitimer Heritage Watches:

Breitling Navitimer Heritage watches is somewhat larger than unique Navitimer, the new version skin a bracelet included within the case. The Navitimer Heritage watch has one more feature in its Fly back mechanism, allowing consecutive timing process. The Navitimer Heritage watch has three sub dials in a strengthen case. The Navitimer Heritage watch has self-zigzag mechanical group and minimum of 42 hours power condition. Breitling Navitimer Heritage wrist watch’s case back is screwed-in and has non screw-locked crown with bidirectional bezel. The Navitimer Heritage watch is water oppose to 3 bars. Breitling Navitimer Heritage watch’s diameter is 43mm; width is 15.40mm heaviness is 173.60 grams. This watch is obtainable in steel and white gold color.

Breitling Windrider Cockpit:

Breitling Windrider ring watch has hard steel case and is a very masculine stylistic watch. The Windrider Cockpit watch is intended for those whose behavior do not of necessity require chronograph function but who likes a watch that is very sport and stylish. The Windrider Cockpit watch’s 49 quality drive the twice window calendar. Breitling Windrider Cockpit wrist watch has 22 jewelry and unidirectional bezel. The Windrider Cockpit watch vibrates to 28800 v.p.h. and has authority condition to 42 hours. Breitling Windrider ring watch’s cambered azure gemstone is glare proofed from both sides. The Windrider ring watch’s width is 41mm, thickness is 14mm and heaviness is only 90 grams.

Breitling Professional Air wolf wrist wear:

Breitling Professional Air wolf wrist wear is determinedly designed chronograph watch in a steel case. The expert Air wolf watch’s many functions necessary by pilots: chronograph with tear time, alarm, countdown, second time zone, UTC and continuous calendar. This watch is loaded with NVG-compatible show backlighting system enable night-time interpretation. The expert Air wolf watch has super quartz and thermo salaried quartz electronic actions with analog and digital show. Breitling expert Air wolf watch has digital and continuous calendar and resists water to 5 bars. The expert Air wolf watch’s back case is screwed-in with sound signal timbre chamber. Breitling expert Air wolf watch has glare proofed azure crystal.

Breitling Aero marine Super Ocean:

Breitling Aero marine Super ocean watch is no exemption to the rules having strong steel case with tempered gemstone. The Aero marine Super ocean watch is ready with screw-locked circlet and glare proofed azure crystal. The Aero marine Super ocean wrist watch has a security valve that mechanically evacuates helium, when interior force reaches up to 3 bars. Breitling Aero marine Super ocean watch has self-winding automatic movement and power condition to minimum 42 hours. This watch is water opposed to 1500 meters and has unidirectional bezel. Breitling Aero marine Super ocean watch’s width is 42mm, thickness is 15mm and heaviness is merely 99.70 grams.

Breitling watches are extremely sophisticated and modest with high technology of the industry. Breitling watches are particularly intended for professionals. Breitling watches are very durable and ideal for great working circumstances. Breitling watches are extensively used by aviation’s throughout the world since of high excellence and functionality. Breitling produces watches for the exact purpose in dissimilar nice looking plan and delightful colors. Breitling watches are obtainable in the market with no trouble and in reasonably priced price. Breitling watches are the mix together of the higher technology and contemporary style.

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